By operating our own trucking company, CD Terminal provides you with a complete material handling and shipping solution with reliable, on-time delivery.

CD Terminal’s trucking fleet, combined with our terminal services, provides a complete material handling and delivery solution that is always reliable and convenient. Since we have our own trucks and drivers, we can take care of all your shipping and logistics needs.

Whatever your needs, we get the job done safely, cost effectively and reliably.

We have experience hauling all types of cargo, including:

  • Fertilizer

  • Grain

  • Feed

  • Salt

  • Scrap Iron

  • Pig Iron

  • Demolition Waste

We own a wide range of trucking equipment, including:

  • High Cube Walking Floor Trailers

  • Belt Trailers

  • Hopper Trailers

  • Steel Dump Trailers

  • Aluminum Dump Trailers

  • Quad Axle Dump Trucks